Month: September 2008

iPhone Icons : Fricken Sweet!

I don’t have an iPhone yet. I keep meaning to pick one up, but I just can’t justify ditching my T-Mobile HTC Wizard yet. I stumbled on some really beautiful icons for the iPhone over at deviantART made by Guoduan Bu who studies at the Nanjing Art Institute. He is an unbelievable digital arteeest. You have to check out his website here when you get a moment. iPhone Icon...

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Cartype : A museum of automobile typography

I find this website irresistibly intriguing. For those of you that love fonts, typography, and logos and such and know what “posi rear end” means, you may have just stumbled across one of your future favorite websites. I can’t wait to finish this post so that I can go back to the site and check out more of what it has to offer. I was so excited, I just had to let someone know so I opened up Paperflame and started typing. Where was I. Oh yeah, This is an AMAZING site! It is chock full of automobile related designs, emblems,...

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Adobe Unleashes Creative Suite CS4

It’s out, just about… sweet, I mean “suite”. Adobe has readied their awesome Creative Suite CS4. The newest CS offers even tighter integration and enhanced productivity. As you may or may not know, the new suite integrates Flash across the whole product line. Designers can look for better work flow among a plethora of other changes. Adobe plans to start shipping CS4 in October 2008. CS4 pricing starts around $1600. There are a bunch of different editions available at different costs as I’m sure you all know. You can see them here. Adobe really has an amazing set of tools. Where would the world be without them? Adobe Creative Suite...

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Killer Site #7: Sodaplay – Object Motion Physics

Sodaplay is quite the unique site. A great bit of fun to play with. The website allows users to create “live” models that move in relation to their programmed motion physics. You don’t need to be registered to “play” with the models though. You may register for free so that you may create your own moving models if you like. It’s fascinating. I do understand that this post may be geared more towards the 3D Modeling bunch of you, but anyone will sure enjoy visiting and playing at the site. To use the site, you will need Java 1.5 or later. There is a download link at the bottom of their homepage if you need it. Visit...

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Photoshop Tutorial: How to create a Favicon

In your browser, look above, do you see the purple PaperFlame logo displayed to the left of the URL? It’s small – 16 x 16 pixels. It will also display within the tab of tabbed browsers. Not all web sites have them. I think they are a great touch for any website. Let me take a moment to show you how to make a “favicon” using Photoshop. There are other ways to make them.. but for those of you that consider Photoshop your “best friend” (you know who you are) let’s stay true. First off, Photoshop (mighty as it is) can’t output the .ico (icon) file format. There is a plugin that can do this for us so don’t fret. You will have to install it before we can continue. Get the icon plugin for Photoshop at Telegraphics it’s free, but I am sure they would love a donation if you can spare it. Because of this freebee plugin, I am also listing this tutorial under the “Free Stuff” category. Done installing the plugin? Let’s get crackin’. A 16 x 16 image is a very small canvas to be working with. Lets start by creating an image that is 64 x 64. You can work with 32 x 32 if you wish but 64 x 64 is a bit better on the eyes. If you change size remember to stick with even multiples. Create a new...

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