Month: October 2008

Skateboard Graphics: template and more

Well now, hang in there guys and girls… I seem to be on some kind of a kick regarding graphics for snowboards and such… This time it has to do with skateboards. The thing is, I was downtown in Boulder, CO this last Saturday. I did a little bit of bar hopping and then found myself in a surf shop. There they were, all hanging there in front of me. Skateboards – with some killer graphics of course. I could not resist and found my self talking to the salesman and then proceeded to bring one of the skateboards to the register. Next thing I knew I was riding it up and down the Pearl Street mall in Boulder. To make a long story short. I bought the board and love it (although I think I like the art on the bottom of it more than the board itself). Just now, after admiring my board, I decided to look for a skateboard template. I found a neat site called that lets you design your own board, then they print the board for you and ship it off. Cool thing is… They have templates! I am going to redistribute them here at PaperFlame at the bottom of this post. Skateboard Graphic Templates from (2.7mb) (1.7mb)

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Photoshop Tip: Duplicate Layer In Place From One Image To Another

To duplicate a layer from one image to another is pretty basic. The real trick here is to move the layer from one image to another image of the same size (like in a web photo gallery) and to have the duplicated layer be in the same position as the original (source) image. It’s a great tip for anyone wanting to add a watermark to a bunch of photos with the watermark being positioned in the same place in each separate photo. *Note – The images need to be the same size for this to work. Most of you know that you can just drag a layer from the layers palette of one image into another image, and if you didn’t, now you do. To get the layer to “land” in the same spot within the new image, just hold the Shift Key (Shift + Drag) while you drag the layer into the new image. Presto...

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Photoshop Tip: Change The Grey Color Around Image Document

I love this tip. For an extremely long time I have always wanted to change the color surrounding my image within Photoshop. The default grey (gray?) color does not always work well while designing. Being able to change that color would be great. Well, you can. This can be very helpful for when you are designing a graphic that you know will be on a certain colored background when in actual use. By changing the background color around your image, you can really see how your graphics are going to look relative to the color that they will be placed...

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Vintage Tins: Graphics. Logos. Branding

While looking for some vintage branding, I came across an antiques site that has some great examples of Vintage Branding on antique tins. Such great inspiration can come from this old stuff. I find the graphics simple and to the point. It is interesting that the designs still look great after all these years. The human eye knew what looked good then as it does now. The neat thing about most of these graphics is the easily forgotten fact that they are NOT computer generated! No Photoshop, no Illustrator. I can almost hear the sound of applause in the background of my mind while looking at the handy work. The tins that are on display at the website are for sale, so their inventory looks like it will change as time goes by, but from the looks of it… they will continually have a nice selection to peruse. Vintage Tins –...

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