Month: November 2008

MINI Space: Design Contest – An Urban Initiative

As of this post there are 72 days left to get your designs uploaded to (you know, the car MINI). Well, over at their website, creative folk like you can register as members. Signing up allows you to get involved in creative projects and competitions, get involved in MINI events and parties, and allows you to get featured with your creative work and meet others like yourself. I have not submitted my design as of yet, but plan on doing so before the deadline is up. The design topic for this contest is to reinterpret the topic “Electrified” for the electric version of the MINI – (MINI E). They are looking for a design for the background for the website. Gert Hildebrand, the director of MINI Design along with his team will be choosing their favorite design – The winner gets a brand spanking new Macbook Air. You might think a Mac MINI might be more appropriate, but lets face it… I think we would all prefer the Macbook Air! Go ahead and surf on over to to find out the specifics. Below is one of the top voted images so far. The design is by a guy named Reno Lamotte-Pongerard (yeah he’s from France). MINI Space Design Contest Submission – Reno...

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Typeface Sketching: Flickr Group

This is for you typophiles out there. After wandering around at Flickr for a while I decided to see what (if any) groups or images came up in a search for typography. There is a Flickr Group called “Type Sketchbook“. Pretty cool. It’s not a huge group yet, but let’s see if we can change that! There are images posted of sketched typefaces and such. So far the biggest contributor is a guy named Antonio Cavedoni, but there are also others. The image below is one of his. If you do this kind of thing a lot and maybe have an art pad somewhere full of this kind of stuff hangin’ around in your room, fire up your scanners – It is your duty now to share with the world. Get to it peeps… start posting your sketches… And I mean PRONTO!  by Antonio...

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Basic Font Anatomy

After having played around with some font creation software, I found that the differences between the many different fonts to be most intriguing. I thought I would just provide a quick chart explaining the basics of font anatomy. Now realize, this is a pretty basic explanation of the different parts of characters. I could go into much more depth, but I think these basics are a good start. It is not really necessary to know all these names, but knowing them can come in handy if you are ever talking about or explaining an element of a design you may have created. Not only that, but it makes you sound like you know what you are talking about… and now you will! I Hope this little chart I put together helps. Give it a go-over. Remember, knowledge is...

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