Month: December 2008

Photoshop Tip: Preserving Project History Instance Using Snapshot

This post can be seen as either a tip or a tutorial. I see it more as a tip though. Creating images by retouching and stacking layers is quite a process. Just look at your history palette during one of those marathon image creations. Before I knew about the “Snapshot” feature in the Histories palette, I used to save different versions of my graphic project at different stages… you know… naming them project1.psd, then project2.psd, then project3final.psd and so on just to make sure that I had access to all the different changes that I had made. Well not only is this way extremely inefficient, it also starts to take up tons of precious disc space! Then I saw that little “Snapshot” icon at the bottom of the Histories palette. It does just what it says. Whenever you reach a stage of your design that you want to save for future reference or editing, all you have to do is click the Snapshot once to save that instance. So simple. I can’t believe I have even babbled about it this long. But anyways, Here are a few example pics. Original Image (With Birds) Modified Image (No Birds) Before I erased the birds, I wanted to save an instance of the image with the birds, so I clicked the Snapshot icon before I did any erasing.  This image is after I...

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Flickr Farm: The Business Card

This is a new category for the Paperflame Blog. With my “Flickr Farm” category I hope to share with you the best of Flickr. Flickr is a venerable eye-candy store. I hope I can inspire and rewire your desire to create cool things. Well anyways. Here goes… Flickr Farm: The Business...

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Killer Site #8: Róth Anikós paintings and silk works

What can I say? Beautiful Site – Beautiful Illustrations. Not only are there some awesome illustration works, but the Flash is very well done and very creative. The Flash work and site was done by Róth Anikós was born in Szekszárd, Hungary. She has quite a long list of exhibitions on her about page. Her work reminds me of something that I can’t quite put my finger on… If you know what it is please comment! But anyways.. enough jibber jabber.. Check out her site…...

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Design Contest: Cover for .psd Magazine

.psd Magazine is holding a design contest ending January 15, 2009. The subject is “retouching” and you can enter as often as you likes. Good luck. The picture below is one of the images you are up against. Spin on over to their website to learn more about the prizes and...

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Free Vector Files: Japanese Crests – Kamon – Motifs

Yes some more free stuff! Feast your eyes on this collection of Japanese Crests. Some call them Motifs and they are also commonly called Kamon. Each Japanese family name has their own design. The files I am redistributing are just some of the many different beautiful designs that have stood the test of time through years of Japanese bloodline. Over at is where I found these files. They are .eps vector files that need to be opened in Illustrator if you want to edit them. The site offers them as separate downloads, but I have collected them all (it took forever) and...

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