Month: August 2009

Top 100 Plus Design Blogs: Inspire and Re-wire Your Desire

This list of  Top 100 Plus Design Blogs is used mostly for my personal inspiration. Design Blogs come in many flavors. These flavors are more dynamic than most web docs due to the nature of their creators… designers at heart. I hope you find a blog that you have not seen yet. I will append this list as I see fit… If you have a Design Blog and it’s not on the list (and you think it should be on this Top list) submit your site in the comments. We would all love to have a look see. I’m...

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Photoshop Tutorial: Using Smart Objects

Most graphics programs use rasterized images. When applying transforms like resizing or such the original pixel information is lost. Most of you know you can’t play around with an image in Photoshop and preserve the pixel information of the original image. Well, this is where Smart Objects come into play. They don’t call em’ Smart for nothing. Smart Objects can be placed or imported as a layers. Smart Objects allow the designer to transform the original image using  – scaling, distorting, skewing etc. all the while maintaining the original pixel resolution of the original image. A dream for designers. One can scale the image to the size of an icon and then back to its original size without a loss of image quality. No rasterizing is taking place until the final output when you “flatten” said image. Here’s a quick example… Create a Smart Object… there are a couple ways 1. Using Photoshop click File > Open as Smart Object. This is for when you want to open an image directly as a Smart Object. 2. You can paste from Adobe Illustrator. You will be able to choose to past as a Smart Object in a the dialogue box. 3. The other way is within a Photoshop image document, click File > Place – then choose the image file you want to place as a Smart Object. This is...

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Free Outline Fonts:

Recently I was looking for an Outline font. I am always on the lookout for font and typography resources. One can always make an Outline Font by either taking a regular font and adding to it manually which can be a chore. You can either select the font elements to make an outlined selection then stroke it. There are also other ways of course. Feel free to give any hints in the comment section. The other way is to just look for some pre-made outline fonts… and free is always best! I stumbled on this site.. that has a great collection of Outline Fonts and others for free. Just thought I would pass it on! Click on over to for some great fonts. Visit for Outline Fonts and...

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