Month: September 2009

Sekai Camera – Air Tagging at it’s best

Soon to be released in Japan for the iPhone, and then internationally. The  Sekai Camera App is a marvel to behold. The developers have come up with an actual real world use for Augmented Reality (AR). The app allows the tagging of scenes, you know… strip joints, opium dens, absinthe bars, brothels, ok ok … just kidding… NOT! Well anyways, some cool stuff to say the least. Put text tags and picture tags on areas that you have been to. Then when someone else points their camera with the Sekai Camera app running at the same scene, they will see your tags floating in the image on the LCD screen. Much cooler then carving your name in a tree or tagging a wall with some graffiti (that is so yesterday). The main website is here: Sekai Camera (japanese) They say it will be released soon in Japan and everywhere else shortly after. The company also plans on releasing an Android version in the months to follow. Will it be free? I have no idear. I posted a bit ago about a similar Augmented Reality technology here at Paperflame. Check out the vid of the Sekai Camera in action. The only problem I predict is the abuse of advertisers and spammers cluttering up all of the pretty scenes. Can you see it now? Your pointing your camera at the Great...

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Design Contest: T-Shirts and Slogans

Here is another design contest you can throw your killer skills and pixels at. Go to for information. Possible Winnings: Good Luck! $2,000 in cash $500 Threadless Gift Certificate (can be redeemed for $200 cash) $500 in cash each time your design is reprinted Up to $22,500 more if you win a “Bestee” in the Threadless Awards Alumni Club membership including a Medal of Honor and other...

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Great Example of FLAR: Great job with the FLARToolKit!

I was just looking for information on the use of the FLAR technology using Adobe Flash. The FLARToolKit is an AS3 version of ARToolKit and is something really cool to behold. I believe Papervision3D is also used in conjunction with the toolkit to produce something called Augmented Reality. It involves the use of a web cam or such where the sofware can “See” certain shapes that are in the view of a cam and then use those shapes as anchors to project images. I have seen different examples, but this video I found at this blog (projectx4) showing it...

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