Month: February 2017

How To Stop Google Analytics From Tracking & Counting My Visits

Sitting here in my new apartment I find myself with a new IP address. No big deal right? Well, this blog is being tracked through Google Analytics. I just went and checked out my stats and my numbers were WAY ABOVE NORMAL. I have been doing some (a ton) of blog maintenance and even changed themes. All this activity has sent my web site visits through the roof… by who? By me! I just fixed it and should have remembered to have done so sooner. But anyway. This is how you do it. Easy Peasy. These are the steps...

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Wondering about what the heck back button focus is? Either you have heard the term, a friend has mentioned it or you have just been searching for a way to keep those shots in focus and stumbled on this post. Back Button Focus is geared towards DSLR cameras, not smartphone cameras or happy snappy cameras. Settings will need to be changed in the cameras menu. As it is now, your camera focuses with the half-press of the shutter button. Full-press takes the actual photo (triggers shutter). The problem with this setup can be that each time you snap off...

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Just found some nice patterns over at Not a “texture” per say but close enough. Although if a displacement map was used, yeah you could call it a texture? Hmmm, now this has me thinking about the difference between visual textures and physical material textures?! I will leave it to you to just go there, download the file and give them the...

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