The Paperflame domain has been mine for a long time. I never did much with it.. A design here, a design there. Nothing Thrilling. I guess you just can’t rush these kinds of things.

I figured it might be a great place to keep track of the things that I like, you know, tutorials, free programs, killer art and photography, design related information and news about the industry and more. I consider it sort of like my “expanded” version of You know, Keep it local, more graphical (god knows I love eye candy as much as the next person if not more) and of course more personal.

A blog format would be best. Easy to edit, prebuilt (except for the TON of customizing that of course has to be done) but it gives me a place to start. I looked around. I was going to go with a remote solution like or, but wanted more control. So I installed and configured’s scripts on my server and ran with it. It ended up being a killer script.

This site is the culmination of lots of time and effort… Originally made for myself and friends. What else can I do but let the world in. I hope you enjoy the site as much as I like creating and adding to it.

Feel free to drop me a note or comment on anything within the site. I am open to ideas and also the idea of guest authoring.

Surfs up.

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