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YouTube Dark Mode – Chrome

As we all know, many applications and websites can run in Dark Mode… Great for media content such as photography and videos. Dark Mode, yeah it makes a ton of sense. Google’s Chrome browser is now capable of displaying YouTube in this “Dark Mode.” I just switched the setting on and to tell you the truth I am loving it. How to enable YouTube Dark Mode in Chrome. In Chrome, go to (Mac) Option + Command + I will open up the Chrome Developer tools. (PC) CTRL + Shift + I will do it on a pc. Now choose...

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Full Screen Background Hero Image

I just thought I would do a quick write-up on how to add a Full Screen Background Hero Image to your Website. The way described here will completely cover the browser window and at the same time be static so that it does not slide up when the page is scrolled. This is done purely in CSS. I would guess that a large majority of you are also running your site using WordPress. Using CSS you may also have a different full screen background hero image for separate posts or pages! Most people use full screen hero images only...

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Web Design Project Scam

This is a notice to all web designers. There is a scam going around! They contact you via email or even text. I have been hit with the scam twice now. It starts out as a simple inquiry for web design services. Here is an example of first contact: Hello how are you doing today, My name is Michael Morris i will like to know if you do web design kindly get back to me asap so that i can forward you the job details. Thank you Seems legit right?! Don’t fall for it. After a quick response from...

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NASA Shares Free Software Catalog

Tools of the trade. If you call rocketing into space a trade?! NASA has been offering free software tools for a while now. They started with their 2014 catalog and have just released the 2017-2018 catalog. Since 2014, they have shared thousands of tools! These are the same tools used by the top people in the biz. Click to browse their tools...

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Amazing Minecraft Model of Chicago

Images as rendered by Ryan Zull Let me start by saying that I don’t play Minecraft myself. I do have to administer it on my wife’s phone and daughter’s iPad! I have seen some great landscapes and models built by them both. But… this is on another level. Ryan Zull has painstakingly created an amazing model of a large swath of Chicago out of blocks… yes, blocks in a 1:2 scale. It has been four years in the making and he has now just released it for the world to behold. I have read that he used Google Maps to...

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