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Web Design Project Scam

This is a notice to all web designers. There is a scam going around! They contact you via email or even text. I have been hit with the scam twice now. It starts out as a simple inquiry for web design services. Here is an example of first contact: Hello how are you doing today, My name is Michael Morris i will like to know if you do web design kindly get back to me asap so that i can forward you the job details. Thank you Seems legit right?! Don’t fall for it. After a quick response from...

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NASA Shares Free Software Catalog

Tools of the trade. If you call rocketing into space a trade?! NASA has been offering free software tools for a while now. They started with their 2014 catalog and have just released the 2017-2018 catalog. Since 2014, they have shared thousands of tools! These are the same tools used by the top people in the biz. Click to browse their tools...

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Amazing Minecraft Model of Chicago

Images as rendered by Ryan Zull Let me start by saying that I don’t play Minecraft myself. I do have to administer it on my wife’s phone and daughter’s iPad! I have seen some great landscapes and models built by them both. But… this is on another level. Ryan Zull has painstakingly created an amazing model of a large swath of Chicago out of blocks… yes, blocks in a 1:2 scale. It has been four years in the making and he has now just released it for the world to behold. I have read that he used Google Maps to...

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Amazon Tap – No need to press buttons anymore

You have to admit, having a voice activated assistant is very convenient. Hands free is the way it should be. The Amazon Tap though, requires the user to “tap” before being able to issue a command. Not so convenient aye?! Well NO MORE. Amazon is updating the Tap so that it can be used like other Alexa devices by just talking to it. If I had known they were going to do this I might have bought one instead of my little Amazon Echo Dot. Reason? Well, the Tap is portable. Yes, bring Alexa wherever there is an internet...

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Check out this awesome LINE font by Marcelo Reis Melo. I have to say this is one of the better line fonts that I have seen. Marcelo is giving it up for free. I would offer the download here from Paperflame but I want to give the designer some cred by linking to where the font is available. So, jump on over to this fonts page here. ENJOY! Get it...

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