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PTGui 8.0 released

If your a serious shutter bug, you may already know what PTGui is. It is the front end GUI for a panoramic photo stitcher that is well known. I was just notified that a new version (8.0) was just released, so I thought I would pass on the information. Excerpt from the notification I just received: “In this version the memory management and blending engine have been redesigned, resulting in faster stitching and smoother blending of your photographs. Improvements to the automatic control point generator allow automatic stitching of panoramas that were difficult to stitch previously. And the Panorama Editor now shows a live preview of the blended panorama, allowing true ‘what you see is what you get’ editing.” “Existing users who purchased a PTGui or PTGui Pro license in or after May 2007 can upgrade to this version free of charge. If you purchased earlier, a discounted upgrade is available.” PTGui and PTGui Pro can be downloaded from: For support and frequently asked questions see:...

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100 Free High Res Photoshop Brushes

Jason Gaylor over at has been nice enough to share 100 High resolution brushes. People are psyched, you can tell by the number of comments about his beautiful brushes. All of us are always looking for that new tool or great little utility to help us get our jobs done. Jason gives it up in a big way (clapping)! I hope you enjoy this find. I wish I could say I whipped these up in the basement late one night, but I didn’t. Head on over to to get the...

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Google’s Chrome Browser

From scratch… that’s what Google states. If you have not heard of Google’s new Chrome Web Browser, you really need to pull yourself out from the rock you are under unless you are really comfortable there and like being the last to know everything. Well anyway… the comic book more or less explains it all. Google has built the Chrome Browser from the ground up noting that today’s web is not the same as the old web. Full of web applications and multimedia, our existing pick of browsers were not initially developed for this kind of intense usage. Chrome will solve certain problems with current browser technology — single-threading, inefficient and slow render engines, and slow Javascript among other things. The new browser is fully open source and open to adaption by others. Google has also developed the V8 Javascript engine to speed things up. The V8 engine was created by a team of developers in Denmark. Me, myself and I can’t wait to give the new browser a whirl.. I do understand that a post about a new browser is not really art or design related unless your thinking GUI development, but do understand that having another browser on the block is something all of us web designers are going to have to deal with. It is one more browser that we are going to have to make sure that our beautiful designs are...

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Free Design Software Picks

Ok now… If you have taken the time to even bother reading this post you are most likely in the search of some free design software, or just maybe checking your local program list against this list just to make sure you are not missing out on anything! Well anyways, here goes. There really are some great freeware gemsicles in this list. Take one or all for a spin… Close your wallet (or purse), these are all on me. Sorry but most of these are for Windows Users only. I will post Mac stuff as soon as I can get it all together for you. The links I include are to the author’s or company’s Website or a place to download the program from. A few links are straight up references to the .exe’s themselves. Graphic Editing Tools   The GIMP  visit   GIMPshop  visit   Paint.NET  visit   Picasa  visit   ColorPic  visit   Magnifier  visit   Easy Thumbnails  visit   FastStone Photo Resizer  visit   imageDiff  visit   IrfanView  visit   FastStone Image Viewer  visit   Alch Icon Suite  visit Illustration Tools   Inkscape  visit   SmoothDraw NX  visit   SPRAY vector generator  visit   SMN v5.1 ParticleDraw  visit   InsightPoint  visit Authoring Tools   Project Dogwaffle Free  visit   AmitySource Userbar Generator  visit   Terragen  visit   uMark Lite  visit Animation Tools   TouchArt Sampler  visit   Synfig Studio  visit...

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