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Great group to skim through. Boat names, short and sweet. Having lived on a 40ft sailboat myself for over 3 years I have seen some great names. Nowadays they are usually decals, but in the days of old it was much more of a hands on brush, not hands on a mouse, art form. FLICKR FARM: SHIP NAMES &...

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Blotter Art – Trippy Tiles

I came across a great site – Blotter art is the art used on sheets of tiled and perforated paper for ingesting LSD (d-lysergic acid diethylamide). Each tiled piece is a “hit” of LSD. There are some amazing and beautiful designs that have been created throughout the years. Really an inspiration to look at. Blotter Art has become a highly collectible form of art. There are signed additions of famous blotters and such at the site. There are many sites showing examples of this cool art medium, but is a great place to feast your eyes (and...

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Tumblr Trove: Bear

I have come across so many great images while checking out peoples blogs at Tumblr. Instead of bookmarking these blogs, I am starting a whole new category called “Tumblr Trove”. Here goes…. This is an image from the “Bear” Blog. Check out more collected images for inspiration and such at the blog. Images posted are from their respective blogs. The image may be someone else’s altogether. If this image is yours… Please let me know so I can give credit and a...

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Sekai Camera – Air Tagging at it’s best

Soon to be released in Japan for the iPhone, and then internationally. The  Sekai Camera App is a marvel to behold. The developers have come up with an actual real world use for Augmented Reality (AR). The app allows the tagging of scenes, you know… strip joints, opium dens, absinthe bars, brothels, ok ok … just kidding… NOT! Well anyways, some cool stuff to say the least. Put text tags and picture tags on areas that you have been to. Then when someone else points their camera with the Sekai Camera app running at the same scene, they will see your tags floating in the image on the LCD screen. Much cooler then carving your name in a tree or tagging a wall with some graffiti (that is so yesterday). The main website is here: Sekai Camera (japanese) They say it will be released soon in Japan and everywhere else shortly after. The company also plans on releasing an Android version in the months to follow. Will it be free? I have no idear. I posted a bit ago about a similar Augmented Reality technology here at Paperflame. Check out the vid of the Sekai Camera in action. The only problem I predict is the abuse of advertisers and spammers cluttering up all of the pretty scenes. Can you see it now? Your pointing your camera at the Great...

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