Wondering about what the heck back button focus is? Either you have heard the term, a friend has mentioned it or you have just been searching for a way to keep those shots in focus and stumbled on this post.

Back Button Focus is geared towards DSLR cameras, not smartphone cameras or happy snappy cameras. Settings will need to be changed in the cameras menu. As it is now, your camera focuses with the half-press of the shutter button. Full-press takes the actual photo (triggers shutter). The problem with this setup can be that each time you snap off a photo using that button the camera is hunting and refocusing the camera. The camera does a pretty good job at nailing the focus, but not all the time. You know how it is. You get home from a quick photo shoot at the beach of your kids and sit down at your computer all excited and transfer the photos. Next, you open that folder and start clicking through your photos only to notice that there are a TON of out of focus images. So disappointing.

Back button focus can really help with the aforementioned situation. It is possible on most DSLR’s to move the focus function to a different button than the usual shutter button. This allows you to focus once and shoot many. No more focus hunting! Just point your camera, choose your focal point, press the new focus button to lock the focus and start shooting.

There is more info and some instructions on how to set it up for some different cameras over at Cole’s Classroom.