Sitting here in my new apartment I find myself with a new IP address. No big deal right? Well, this blog is being tracked through Google Analytics. I just went and checked out my stats and my numbers were WAY ABOVE NORMAL. I have been doing some (a ton) of blog maintenance and even changed themes. All this activity has sent my web site visits through the roof… by who? By me!

I just fixed it and should have remembered to have done so sooner.
But anyway. This is how you do it. Easy Peasy.

These are the steps to stop Google Analytics from tracking your own visits:

  1. Find out what your IP address is – Go Here
    Jot down your IP address for future reference. It will look something like .
  2. Log in to your Google Analytics and click over to your Dashboard. Look for the Admin section – Click into it.
  3. Choose the account that you would like to make changes. Look for the “All Filters” section… click it.
  4. Now “Add Filter” – in my case I just had to modify an existing filter with an updated IP address for my new apartment. If you have never done this just click “Add Filter.”
  5. Specify these settings and add the IP address that you jotted down in step 1. You can apply this filter to the view that you want (you may have additional domains in your Analytics account.) These IP addresses are just examples do not use them! Use your own.
  6. Click “Save” at the bottom of the filter settings page. You are done!

***Quick note. Most people have a dynamic IP address given by their internet service provider (ISP). They usually do not change very often if ever. They can and do change sometimes rendering this new filter that you created useless. I suggest periodically checking to see if you have a new IP address and if you do find that your address has changed log back into your Analytics account and modify the existing filter with the new IP address to keep Google Analytics from tracking and counting your IP address visit’s.