As designer’s and web heads, I know we are always bookmarking those awesome websites we find with great tools, fonts, ideas, images, etc… (At least I am)… Many of you may use to tag these pages, if not.. try it .. you will LOVE it… The thing is,  I had a little problem that I needed to fix to use Delicious Tagging…

Ever since Google released their Chrome Browser I have been wanting to use it but was never happy because I could not use the Tag add-on for Internet Explorer in the Chrome browser. I do a ton of tagging, so using Chrome was just not possible. There is a fix! I am so happy because I really like the speed and simplicity of the Chrome browser.

Internet Explorer Tagger I’m Talking About

Internet Explorer - Delicious Tag

Here goes.

All you have to do is drag this link –> Delicious Tag to your Bookmarks Bar in the Chrome Browser. This uses Javascript to get the magic done. Make sure your Bookmarks bar is showing first of course. Now all you have to do to tag that awesome web page that you found is to click on that new Delicious Tag Bookmark and it will pop up a new window just like it did before in Internet Explorer! And from there you can also choose to view your bookmarks. So sweet and simple. So.. load up The Chrome browser and give it a whirl!

Google Chrome Delicious Tag Bookmarklet

Chrome Delicious Bookmarklet