Ok now… If you have taken the time to even bother reading this post you are most likely in the search of some free design software, or just maybe checking your local program list against this list just to make sure you are not missing out on anything! Well anyways, here goes. There really are some great freeware gemsicles in this list. Take one or all for a spin… Close your wallet (or purse), these are all on me. Sorry but most of these are for Windows Users only. I will post Mac stuff as soon as I can get it all together for you. The links I include are to the author’s or company’s Website or a place to download the program from. A few links are straight up references to the .exe’s themselves.

Graphic Editing Tools
  The GIMP  visit
  GIMPshop  visit
  Paint.NET  visit
  Picasa  visit
  ColorPic  visit
  Magnifier  visit
  Easy Thumbnails  visit
  FastStone Photo Resizer  visit
  imageDiff  visit
  IrfanView  visit
  FastStone Image Viewer  visit
  Alch Icon Suite  visit

Illustration Tools
  Inkscape  visit
  SmoothDraw NX  visit
  SPRAY vector generator  visit
  SMN v5.1 ParticleDraw  visit
  InsightPoint  visit

Authoring Tools
  Project Dogwaffle Free  visit
  AmitySource Userbar Generator  visit
  Terragen  visit
  uMark Lite  visit

Animation Tools
  TouchArt Sampler  visit
  Synfig Studio  visit
  AnimPixels  visit
  UnFREEz  visit

3D – Cad/Modeling Tools
  LOOXIS Faceworx  visit
  Bryce 5.5  visit
  Blender  visit
  Google SketchUp  visit
  3D Canvas  visit
  3D Box Shot Maker  visit
  Alibre Design Xpress  visit

Adobe Flash Tools
  LiveSwif Lite  visit
  Sothink SWF Catcher for IE  visit
  The Font Thing  visit
  FontHit Font Tools  visit
  FontRenamer  visit
  FontInfo  visit

  Color Code Catcher  visit
  Digital Image Tool  visit
  JR Screen Ruler  visit
  Calipers  visit
  Quick HTML Color Picker  visit
  LS Screen Capture  visit
  EasyCapture  visit
  ScreenHunter  visit
  CutePDF Writer  visit