Yes some more free stuff! Feast your eyes on this collection of Japanese Crests. Some call them Motifs and they are also commonly called Kamon. Each Japanese family name has their own design. The files I am redistributing are just some of the many different beautiful designs that have stood the test of time through years of Japanese bloodline. Over at is where I found these files. They are .eps vector files that need to be opened in Illustrator if you want to edit them. The site offers them as separate downloads, but I have collected them all (it took forever) and have them zipped up as one 50 MB zip file! You can go ahead and open them in Photoshop, but they will have to be rasterized which will remove the editable vector data. It’s up to you how you use these wonderful designs. The site is mostly in Japanese, but there are some English sections. If you know Japanese (or can translate) you can dig deeper into their crest’s database and learn more about each design itself. Pretty cool stuff. The crest categories provided are: Animal, Flower, Furnishing, Martialism, Natural, Pattern, Plants, and even some original designs. The creator of these files has removed all copyrights… You can do what you want with the designs. After you download the files, be sure to visit the creators website. There is also a cool Flash animation relating to Japanese crests.

Japanese Crests – Redistributed for your convenience
1 zip file – 50 MB – 281 .eps files total
Click here to download –