This a really neat idea. I think I may even try it on the Paperflame pages. Font Burner, hosted fonts. You say what!??!? Yeah they keep the fonts on their server and cast them up to your pages on the fly with only the need for a little block of code added to your web pages. Completely free, completely legit.

Font Burner

As you may or may not know websites are limited to what default fonts are on the viewers computer.. pretty boring, but this can also keep the web universe clean and I hate to say it “visually standardized” or should I say “Formatted”. It’s sort of like how Facebook has that clean cloned look – albeit inhibited (drives me nuts). Compare that to Myspace which is more of an everything goes service that lets you design your page the way you like on the most part. Now I am getting a little (way) off track. But the thought came out of nowhere and hit me upside the head. Oh what the heck.. let’s toss out these standards and get on with beautifying the net. The existing font sets we have on our home computers are the equivalent of bread and water and I smell something cookin’ over at the Font Burner website.

Font Burner uses Scalable Inman Flash Replacement (sIFR). SIFR is an open source project available to all and can be found at Font Burner uses valid XHTML and will validate. Now you don’t have to use a graphic to incorporate a neat font anymore. Font Burner is servin’ up a pixel feast for sure. I can’t wait to get home from my day job and give it a whirl!