I just stumbled across a great site with some great free Photoshop brushes. I was going to download them all and redistribute them, but after reading the “Terms” at Stephanie Shimerdla’s Obsidian Dawn site, I realized that I cannot. But I am going to still post reference to her awesome brushes so you can go there and download them yourself. The brushes are unique and she has quite a collection. Thanks for sharing Stephanie!

Obsidian Dawn

Here is a list of some of the Photoshop brushes she has to offer:

Designs – Swirls, paisley elements, tribals, etc.
Fantasy – Pixies, wings, glittery sparkles, etc.
Handwriting / Symbols – Kanji, runes, hieroglyphics, etc.
Nature – Plants, cracks, lightning, water, etc.
Objects – Labels/signs, fences, etc.(non-vector)
People – Eyes, hair, lips, etc.
Pixelated – Pixelated designs
Sci-Fi – Planets, stars, tech designs, etc.
Sketches – Hand sketched Splats / Cracks / Etc
Textures – Gravel, grunge, fabrics, etc.
Themes – Various holidays and themes
Vector – Vector designs