I was wandering around cyberspace looking for info on Snowboard Graphics. Along with the many tutorials I found for creating snowboard graphics, one site stood out. Salomon (you know – the ski company) has a snowboard graphic design contest each year. The 2008 contest is over already, but the winners are listed on their site along with the winning designs. After browsing through the eye candy, I noticed that they had their snowboard templates still available for download! Sweet. You see, all of the tutorials I had seen for designing your own snowboard graphics all consisted mostly of how to create the outline/shape/vector of a snowboard (not thrilling). Then they tell you to put your graphic on it… Well anyways, I am going to skip the tutorial, because I know you know how to copy and paste your own graphics. Creating your own graphics is something that we all have to learn to do and is too large in scope to go through in just one post (ah duh). Now back to the templates… yes, they provide the front and back in both .psd and .eps formats so that you may either use Illustrator and or Photoshop to design your own cool snowboard graphics. I am going to redistribute the templates here at PaperFlame just in case they remove them (which I don’t think they will). The templates are at the bottom of this post. Enjoy! Oh yeah I almost forgot, here are the top five winners!

Here are the Snowboard Templates:
SSAC_LayoutsKit.zip – 501kb
(includes: Layout.eps, Layout_Board.psd, ssac_fullbriefing.pdf)

Note – The 2008 contest is over.
I am redistributing these templates for the fun of it.
Maybe you can give it a shot next year.