Well now, hang in there guys and girls… I seem to be on some kind of a kick regarding graphics for snowboards and such… This time it has to do with skateboards. The thing is, I was downtown in Boulder, CO this last Saturday. I did a little bit of bar hopping and then found myself in a surf shop. There they were, all hanging there in front of me. Skateboards – with some killer graphics of course. I could not resist and found my self talking to the salesman and then proceeded to bring one of the skateboards to the register. Next thing I knew I was riding it up and down the Pearl Street mall in Boulder. To make a long story short. I bought the board and love it (although I think I like the art on the bottom of it more than the board itself). Just now, after admiring my board, I decided to look for a skateboard template. I found a neat site called BoardPerso.com that lets you design your own board, then they print the board for you and ship it off. Cool thing is… They have templates! I am going to redistribute them here at PaperFlame at the bottom of this post.

Skateboard Graphic Templates from BoardPerso.com:
boardperso_jpg_template.zip (2.7mb)
boardperso_psd_template.zip (1.7mb)
boardperso_eps_template.zip (855kb)