I find this website irresistibly intriguing. For those of you that love fonts, typography, and logos and such and know what “posi rear end” means, you may have just stumbled across one of your future favorite websites. I can’t wait to finish this post so that I can go back to the site and check out more of what it has to offer. I was so excited, I just had to let someone know so I opened up Paperflame and started typing. Where was I. Oh yeah, This is an AMAZING site! It is chock full of automobile related designs, emblems, images, news, branding, insight and so much more. A venerable feast for the eyes. Now I just need to figure out what category to put this under? hmmmm. Ok, category – “Typography”, and it also deserves an honorable mention under the “Killer Websites” category. I have a feeling that there will be many “honorable mentions” in the future.