I came across a great site – blotterart.com. Blotter art is the art used on sheets of tiled and perforated paper for ingesting LSD (d-lysergic acid diethylamide). Each tiled piece is a “hit” of LSD. There are some amazing and beautiful designs that have been created throughout the years. Really an inspiration to look at. Blotter Art has become a highly collectible form of art. There are signed additions of famous blotters and such at the site. There are many sites showing examples of this cool art medium, but blotterart.com is a great place to feast your eyes (and maybe lighten your wallet) if you are into collecting. The image below is of a Geisha Girl Blotter signed by the Grandmaster of trippyness himself – Timothy Leary!

geisha-girl-leary-blotter-artImage from Blotterart.com