If your a serious shutter bug, you may already know what PTGui is. It is the front end GUI for a panoramic photo stitcher that is well known. I was just notified that a new version (8.0) was just released, so I thought I would pass on the information.

Excerpt from the notification I just received:

“In this version the memory management and blending engine have
been redesigned, resulting in faster stitching and smoother
blending of your photographs.

Improvements to the automatic control point generator allow
automatic stitching of panoramas that were difficult to stitch

And the Panorama Editor now shows a live preview of the blended
panorama, allowing true ‘what you see is what you get’ editing.”

“Existing users who purchased a PTGui or PTGui Pro license in or
after May 2007 can upgrade to this version free of charge. If you
purchased earlier, a discounted upgrade is available.”

PTGui and PTGui Pro can be downloaded from:

For support and frequently asked questions see: