Simple tip. This is geared towards Photoshop newbies as are a majority of the tips I post. Remember there are some people that may have just used Photoshop for their first time and have lots of questions (I know I did). This tip will introduce the concept of “Preferences” which is applicable to most programs.

The Transparency grid (which I actually like more than not) can sometimes get in the way when trying to view your work. Layer on top of layer on top of layer… Gradients and flare effects can sometimes get lost when viewed on top of “The Grid” (being the Transparency Grid or some say – Checkerboard). Well, there are options! In the Photoshop Application, Just go to Edit> Preferences> Then choose “Transparency & Gamut”. When the Dialogue box opens, you can change the Grid Size to “None”. Yes I know… simple, but if it was something you didn’t know.. then it is genius! While your under the hood, get familiar with the other preferences that can be changed. Now you are in full control.