I can’t count how many time I have needed to enlarge low resolution images for a client. They will hire me on, then ask me to whip up a beautiful poster for them at the same time handing me a CD with some images on it saying “It’s all I got” while winking their eye (whatever that means). Well, there I am sitting at home in front of my computer, mouse in one hand and a can of Jolt in the other, Photoshop open on one monitor and InDesign on my other monitor (Dual Monitors). Upon opening the images up from the cd, I notice that the images are off a camera with at the most a 3 megapixel cmos sensor. No Bueno! After a bunch of ho’s and hum’s, I call my friend up who has a copy of Genuine Fractals installed on his computer (I have yet to buy it, I really need to stop bothering my friend). But anyway, I spin on over to his house, I throw the images into his computer and run Genuine Fractals on the suffering images in question. The deed is done. Incredible quality at super sizes! I thank my friend, hand him a new mouse pad I got that I didn’t want as payment and leave.

Genuine Fractals can resize your images over 1000% and still keep sharp edges and small details. The software allows you to control exactly how it will handle enlarging the image using their patented algorithms. Helpful to both the photographer and the designer. It is great for producing trade show banners and signage. It will put an end to all your large format designing woes.