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No Swine, But Buyer Swoons Over Tattoo.

Here at PaperFlame, I try to keep everything related to the Art, Graphics, Design and blah blah blah world. I try, I really do. We all know that tattooing has to be one of the oldest forms of purposeful art around (art for the...

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Canon EOS 50D

Depending on when you read this post the Canon 50D has either been released to the masses or it is on it’s way. This looks like a really promising camera. It will surely blend the line between novice and pro. At 15.1 mega...

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PTGui 8.0 released

If your a serious shutter bug, you may already know what PTGui is. It is the front end GUI for a panoramic photo stitcher that is well known. I was just notified that a new version (8.0) was just released, so I thought I would...

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