I dabble in Aerial Photography. I use RC (Remote Control) Helicopters to get the job done. I love the vantage point that Aerial Photography can provide. Like nothing else on earth.  Of the many different ways of capturing images, I have to say it is probably one of the hardest ways to shoot. With Remote Control Helicopters one has to deal with a variety of issues like vibration, distance, gimbal control, shutter speed, weight issues, power systems and mechanical failures. I started with a “gasser” helicopter (think flying weed whacker) and have since switched to a custom electric helicopter that is over 4 ft long with each single main rotor blade being 710 mm. For all of you photographers out there, this may be something to look into if you want to spice things up. There are a variety of ways to get aerial pics. The use of masts, blimps, and zip lines can be used along with full scale aircraft. Here are a few images I have taken. The image above is of my current setup which involves a 2 axis front mount camera gimbal (pan & tilt controlled by a remote operator) carrying a Canon DSLR XSI shooting at 12.2 mp. The RC Helicopter is a “stretched” Align Trex 600E that has had the back end tail section replaced with the tail end of it’s bigger brother the Align Nitro trex 700. This makes the helicopter longer allowing larger rotor blades to be fitted for more lifting power. This is an electric setup that runs on 12 cell lithium polymer batteries. It’s has a lot of grunt!. Well anyways, I just thought I would share. If you find yourself interested in Aerial Photography and would like to learn more please feel free to contact me. There are also 2 great forums to check out for more information about aerial photography helicopter setups and camera equipment.

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Here are some shots that I have taken.
I hope they inspire you!

Canon XSI, TV500, 18-55mm