A little while back I got my Google Voice Phone Number. As of this post, you still have to sign up for an invite. I got my invite pretty quick. I think it was about a week wait. If you would like to learn more about Google Voice, click here. Well, after logging in to my Google Voice Account, I noticed this little Icon and link to get free Google Business Cards for the first 25,000 users of Google Voice (they are not giving them out as of now). Well I made the first 25,000 so proceeded to sign up for the cards. This is what they looked like when I received them. Pretty cool. Just thought I would share this image of an actual Google Voice Business Card in the wild. Simple, Clean and oh so Google-ish. Oh yeah, did I say Google Voice is a killer Google Application? It’s like Gmail for your phone! Yeah yeah, you might think I’m nuts showing my name and contact information, well I got’s nuttin’ to hide! Feel free to leave me a message!