From scratch… that’s what Google states. If you have not heard of Google’s new Chrome Web Browser, you really need to pull yourself out from the rock you are under unless you are really comfortable there and like being the last to know everything. Well anyway… the comic book more or less explains it all. Google has built the Chrome Browser from the ground up noting that today’s web is not the same as the old web. Full of web applications and multimedia, our existing pick of browsers were not initially developed for this kind of intense usage. Chrome will solve certain problems with current browser technology — single-threading, inefficient and slow render engines, and slow Javascript among other things. The new browser is fully open source and open to adaption by others. Google has also developed the V8 Javascript engine to speed things up. The V8 engine was created by a team of developers in Denmark.

Me, myself and I can’t wait to give the new browser a whirl.. I do understand that a post about a new browser is not really art or design related unless your thinking GUI development, but do understand that having another browser on the block is something all of us web designers are going to have to deal with. It is one more browser that we are going to have to make sure that our beautiful designs are going to stay lookin’ beautifully rendered within.

Chrome Web Browser Screenshot

Google's Chrome Comic Book Screenshot