Feast your eyes on this very authentic handwriting font by Nick Cooke who studied Graphic Design at Blackpool College. I love how this handwriting font exudes the “inky” feel that it does. Full of imperfections and irregularities it really makes one believe at first glance that you may be looking at real handwriting. Real enough that you may find yourself looking around for a feather and a well of India ink. The font asks nothing of you and seems content within it’s own obvious imperfection. I find it both elegant and sloppy at the same time. Available in both rough and smooth versions, it’s possibilities become even more apparent. I prefer the “Don Johnson” stubbly rough version. Also included are Ink splats and scratchy lines to really heighten the effect. This is not a free font, and I am not suggesting that you purchase. I just wanted to show and tell.

Olicana by Nick Cooke