I was just looking for information on the use of the FLAR technology using Adobe Flash. The FLARToolKit is an AS3 version of ARToolKit and is something really cool to behold. I believe Papervision3D is also used in conjunction with the toolkit to produce something called Augmented Reality. It involves the use of a web cam or such where the sofware can “See” certain shapes that are in the view of a cam and then use those shapes as anchors to project images. I have seen different examples, but this video I found at this blog (projectx4) showing it off is really great… very creative. A great example of the use of FLAR. Kudos guys, well done! I almost wish I had not seen this video, now I am really going to have to download the FLAR toolkit and get to figuring it out. There is a post at this blog that has a short list of links to some reference materials. If you have or know of any more examples of FLAR, Please tell us in the comments section below.

Check out the video at the Projectx4 blog